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Calendar Answers

Our 2014 Calendars are available for sale at our TRC gift shop for $15 each.  To order this calendar and have it shipped, you can shop online at the University of Minnesota's Bookstore here.

The answers to the quizzes in the 2014 calendar can be found here.  

 Jan 2014
January 2014
Q: What was The Raptor Center’s original name?

 Feb 2014
February 2014
Q: In which year did the clinic treat a California condor?

 Mar 2014
March 2014
Q: Who were two of Dr. Gary Duke’s graduate students?

 April 2014
April 2014
Q: When did Dr. Bud Tordoff and Dr. Patrick Redig launch the Midwest Peregrine Falcon Restoration Project?

 May 2014
May 2014
Q: Highway to the Tropics was an education and research program here at The Raptor Center about which species of raptor?

 June 2014
June 2014
Q: How many countries have been represented throughout the years by visiting veterinary residents?

 July 2014
July 2014
Q: Which Education bald eagle accompanied Dr. Patrick Redig to the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.?

 Aug 2014
August 2014
Q: In which two years did TRC treat harpy eagles from Venezuela?

 Sept 2014
September 2014
Q: What was Dr. Gary Duke’s (TRC co-founder) research focus?

 Oct 2014
October 2014
Q: How many wild birds has The Raptor Center clinic seen in the last 40 years?

 Nov 2014
November 2014
Q: Which TRC Education bird is the same age as The Raptor Center?

 Dec 2014
December 2014
Q:What was Executive Director, Dr. Julia Ponder’s, first role here at The Raptor Center?


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