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Hatchday Parties

Come celebrate your Hatchday (Birthday) with the raptors! You’ll enjoy our Raptors of Minnesota program along with a decorated party room and activities. During the program we’ll explore the different raptors found in Minnesota and their role in the environment. Participants learn the three key features of all raptors and learn why they are different from other birds. We discuss the positive and negative impact humans have on our environment, and participants are inspired by some of our greatest environmental success stories, such as the peregrine falcon and the bald eagle.

The auditorium program is followed by a tour of The Raptor Center’s outdoor housing area, where participants see most of our 31 education raptors and hear some of their exciting stories. Finally, we’ll move you into your own fun party room were kids and parents will be able to create crafts and play games.

All Hatchday parties include:

  • A “Raptors of Minnesota” program
  • Meet at least three raptors, such as a hawk, owl, and falcon
  • A tour of TRC and the outdoor housing area (Tours do not go outside during inclement weather or during housing maintenance.)
  • Private party room set‐up with decorations and games
  • An age‐appropriate raptor craft or hands‐on activity
  • Raptor Center invitations to send to your guests
  • Keepsake photo opportunity (bring your own camera please) with a raptor

You provide:

If you would like to have food at your party, we do have a full kitchen available for use. Please provide your own food arrangements, refreshments, paper goods, and silverware. The Raptor Center will set up tables, games, and decorations for you. You are also welcome to bring additional games and decorations (no balloons please).

Hatchday party costs:

$200 for up to 10 kids

$260 for 11‐15

Each additional child beyond 15 costs $15.00 each

No charge for adults and children under 2 years old

These prices are all‐inclusive (no additional charge for room, craft, or program).
* Parties are recommended for ages 5‐13.
* Maximum party size of 30 people, including adults and children
Weekend Party Times: Saturday and Sunday 10:30—12:30 or 2:00—4:00

To schedule your Hatchday Party, contact The Raptor Center at 612‐624‐2756 or

Please have the following information ready:

  • Party date and time
  • Birthday child's name and age
  • Number of kids attending and their grade
  • Number of adults attending
  • Special needs
  • Contact name
  • Home address and phone number
  • E-mail address
  • How you heard about us

TRC hatchday

 To download a flyer in pdf format, click here.

Kids at Hatchday party

Helping the Raptors
Raptor Center birthday parties help accomplish the mission of The Raptor Center by providing a distinctive educational experience for participants, as well as financial support for the essential work we do in our clinic.

Make your birthday dollars count while providing a truly memorable experience for your child.

Many Hatchday boys and girls ask that donations be made to The Raptor Center in lieu of presents for themselves. If your Hatchday child is interested in this, here is a list of items we use on a regular basis.


To schedule a Hatchday party, contact The Raptor Center education department at 612-624-2756 or


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